McDonald’s Rewards Discounts And Policies

Days Out, Discounts and Dips

McDonald’s Rewards Discounts And Policies For Customers are amazing. McDonald’s is rewarding its customers this summer with a bumper fortnight of giveaways. The fast food giant is giving app users discounts across its menu from 2024; Read More: Below.

  • App customers get discounted meals, audiobooks, and meals through promotion series, among many other rewards. Days of discounts are specified, under which meals are provided to users at a discount rate.
  • If you’re visiting the zoo, you’ll be able to get discounts ranging from 30 percent off to more than 60 percent off. Fan favorites are the Big Mac, the McChicken Sandwich, and most notably the 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets, You can enjoy discounts on all of them.
  • Now, you can get your hands on a limited edition ‘N Sour Sauce ‘Loki Sweet’ inspired by Marvel Studios’ Loki Series 2 series, which will launch later this year.

New Offer: More points unlock more rewards.

In 2024, McDonald’s gave new offers to its loving customers so that they could enjoy more.

You can earn 1500 points when you buy small fries, medium salad, Mini McFlurry®, Regular McCafé®, Hash brown, or a regular drink.

You can earn 2500 points when you buy or redeem a Vegetable Deluxe, Cheesy Bacon Flatbread, Bacon Mayo Chicken, Double Cheeseburger, medium Fries, or an apple pie.

Get 4000 points easily now Save up for a Big Mac®, Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin®, McChicken® Sandwich McPlant, Large Crispy Chicken Salad, 6 Chicken McNuggets®, or a Filet-O-Fish®.

Our big offer is to get points for a McSpicy®, Mighty McMuffin™, McCrispy, or a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. You can easily earn 5500 points and enjoy your day.

What’s New For You

This summer, McDonald’s is offering its customers a very exciting range of flavors. With the launch of McDonald’s Days Out, prizes are now being awarded to all families. My McDonald’s Rewards is now available to all customers. You can also sign up and benefit from this discount portal.

Families can now cover a wide range of experiences by choosing from a very exciting offer. These include theme parks, zoos, cinemas, and much more.

McDonald’s Delivery Policy New Update

McDonald’s has changed its policy once again. And a new policy is compiled. Earlier, McDonald’s discontinued wrap-of-the-day delivery. But now you can also order its delivery at home. Wrap of the Day wraps are no longer available for in-store purchase only. Now you can order them at home.

McDonald’s facilitates delivery through its website and app. Now, you can also order from home. You can visit any McDonald’s restaurant, pick it up from there, and eat at home. Wraps are available for long-term subscriptions. In the past, wraps were only available for a few days or as a promotional item.

But now McDonald’s has made them a proper part of their menu. Earlier they were valid for a certain period. However, now you can buy the Wrap of the Day Deal from McDonald’s anytime. These are now available throughout the day.

McDonald’s UK Discounts, Rewards & Policies

McDonald’s Rewards Discounts and policies that McDonald’s UK introduced in 2023 are described below.

In 2024, it released new discounts, rewards, and policies to provide discounts to all McDonald’s customers, employees, students, senior citizens, and Veterans.

It has always tried to create as many facilities as possible on its behalf.

McDonald’s Employee Discount

McDonald’s in the UK has provided its employees with a new facility, McDonald’s Rewards Discounts. Now, they can get up to 22 percent off food items when they order through the McDonald’s app. This is a unique and great way for employees to save money on food.

McDonald’s Student  Discount

A discount of up to 10 percent has been given to food and beverages for students after their student IDs have been displayed. So it helps them save money on food. The students greatly appreciated McDonald’s initiative.

McDonald’s Senior Discount

Elderly people have special respect and status in the UK. They have been given up to 10 percent discounts on food items. As seniors express their senior identities, this is a good way for them to save money on food.

McDonald’s UK Veterans Discount

Ex-servicemen can get an 11 percent discount after showing their UK ID. This is a gift to ex-servicemen, to thank them for their service.

My McDonald’s Rewards

Under the policy, McDonald’s has launched a points policy for customers. As they make their purchases, they are allowed to get one point for every penny, which they can later redeem for free food, drinks, and other rewards. This is a great way to earn, and you can also benefit from it.

Birthday Reward

Signing up for a McDonald’s birthday reward will give you a free one. You can get free food, other discounts, and amazing gifts. This is a great and unique way to celebrate your birthday and an unforgettable gift.

Referral Reward

Customers who refer their friends, relatives, and acquaintances to my McDonald’s Rewards program are given a bonus reward. This can be a wonderful gift for free food and discounts. You can also benefit by adding your friends to the rewards program.

How to Find Allergen Information on the McDonald’s UK Menu

UK McDonald’s has provided all allergen information on its menu. So that customers can select the dish according to their desired menu. Now you don’t need to worry. 

All information is now provided for allergic and intolerant customers through informed choices in the menu.

McDonald’s UK’s Commitment to Reducing Food Waste

You may be surprised to hear that McDonald’s has a policy. Under this policy, the target of reducing food waste by 50 percent by 2030 has been set. McDonald’s deserves praise for doing this.

And they believe that they will succeed in their mission. This is a very good initiative for people to make the environment clean and public friendly.

How to Use My McDonald’s Rewards

McDonald’s Rewards, Discounts And Policies For Customers

Step 1 

  • Download the McDonald’s app

First, download the McDonald’s app from the App Store or Play Store. Then, sign up. After signing up, you must opt in to My McDonald’s Rewards.

Step 2 

  • Order & Earn

Click on the order, whether a pickup or delivery order. After that, you will automatically earn one point for every penny.

If you order through any of the Up Front Counter, Kiosk, or Drive-thru, you have to generate a unique code. You will put it in the code section in the app before placing the order.

Step 3 

  • Redeem & Enjoy

Once you reach 1500 or more points you can claim your first reward. Redeem your name on the app. Select Add to Code.

Then, when you order through the front counter drive-thru or inbox to claim your rewards, enter your code in it.

You can also get 1000 bonus points on your first order and free medium fries.

New Addition By McDonald’s

All your favorite characters and artists in the UK and Ireland can now relive the magic in a new way with Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce.

Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce is giving its fans a new sneak peek through a themed AR experience on Snapchat to celebrate the new special character. Now, fans utilize the newly branded Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce on Snapchat.

You can scan the lid on Snapchat. Weekly during the promotion, McDonald’s will be opening content created by Marvel Studios to its customers, for their fans.

About McDonald’s

You will be surprised to learn that McDonald’s has been operating in the UK since 1974. McDonald’s alone operates more than 1,300 restaurants in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It offers the highest wages in the private sector. McDonald’s provides various discounts for its fans and customers so that everyone can benefit from it. 

McDonald’s employs more than 130,000 people. 85,000 jobs have been provided to youth between the ages of 16 and 25, which makes McDonald’s one of the biggest youth pubs in the UK and Ireland. In addition, McDonald’s organizes various discounts for customers and a playland for children.McDonald’s also spends a lot of money on charity.

Terms & Conditions

McDonald’s has issued the terms and conditions. The availability of products and services may be interrupted for any reason. For example, a product may be available on the Internet, but you cannot order it for some reason.

You are responsible for your accounts and devices. McDonald’s will not be responsible if you delete your account or your account is closed due to a technical fault on your mobile. You will have to pay the delivery fee for the discount deals.

The offer from the app is redeemable once a week. Delivery fee applies. Read this to know the complete information, date and time restrictions, complete information, and terms and conditions subject to different availability and opening hours of the restaurants at different restaurants.  

Days Out Portal | Further Information

Be sure to access the pre-McDonald’s Days Out discount portal as soon as possible. By signing up for My McDonald’s Reward, you can benefit like other users and enjoy interesting discounts and offers for the months of August and October. 

You will be able to enjoy catering with your whole family. The entire summer vacation offers endless options for days together full of memories and fun, which can become the most memorable moments of your life. Make sure to access the portal as soon as possible. And enjoy all these amenities.


In short, McDonald’s has also introduced a feedback system to satisfy its customers. This system collects feedback from all people, and McDonald’s can be made even better. Apart from this, McDonald’s has also contributed heavily to the government’s Eat Out to Help Out campaign. The consumers are provided with a low price, i.e., a wrap-of-the-day deal at a discounted price. 

McDonald’s has also released a series of rewards so that it can provide more facilities to its customers and give discounts. Apart from this, McDonald’s organizes a special playland for families and children. McDonald’s also contributes heavily to charity.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have McDonald’s stopped wrap of the day?

McDonald’s did not close the Wrap of the Day deal.

Can McDonald’s want to stop making wraps?

No such news has been released by McDonald’s. In which it has been decided that McDonald’s will discontinue its wrap-a-day delivery in the future.

Mcdonald’s Best offer for 2024?

McDonald’s has the best offer under both the Wrap of the Day promotional, which has been run by McDonald’s for a long time. You can also go to your nearest McDonald’s branch to eat, pick up, and eat at home.

Is McDonald’s Started Wrap-of-the-Day Deal Delivery?

You don’t need to worry now; MCD will continue the wrap delivery soon. This is fake news; don’t listen to rumors. You can benefit from McDonald’s Wrap Of The Day Deal delivery.

What are McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Prices?

McDonald’s Wrap Prices Wrap only Medium Meal Large Meal
Wrap of the Day £1.99 £3.89 £4.49
Standard Price £3.29 £4.99 £5.59

What’s the wrap of the day in McDonald’s today?

 Weekday  Wrap of the Day
 Monday  The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One
 Tuesday  The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One
 Wednesday  The Spicy Veggie One
 Thursday  The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One
 Friday  The Sweet Chilli Chicken One
 Saturday  The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One
 Sunday  The Sweet Chilli Chicken One

How many McDonalds are in the UK?

McDonald’s has around 1275 branches spread across the UK. This fast food chain operates in almost every city in the UK, and you can easily find a McDonald’s near you.

Mcdonalds UK Famous branches name?

McDonald’s in Kidderminster, Ipswich, Liverpool, Hull, Northampton, Belfast, Canterbury, Bangor, Ballymena, Doncaster, Wycombe, Nottingham, Romford, Cardiff, Sheffield, and Glasgow. 

Do McDonald’s daily wraps still exist?

McDonald’s Wrap of Day is still on. However, its free delivery has been stopped.

What is McDonald’s promotional item for 2024?

McDonald’s wrap was under promotional items, which were available at a very low price.

Why did McDonald’s Stop the wrap-of-the-day delivery?

Cheap price: Due to this, it was impossible to deliver the product at such a low price. That’s why McDonald’s has stopped the wrap-of-the-day free delivery for now. Maybe its delivery will be restored in the future.

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