McDonald’s Wrap of the Day

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day

Wrap of The Day

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day is bringing back the selected flavors of lunchtime favorite wraps once again. The wrap-of-the-day deal will be brought back, along with a reduced menu. This news comes at a time when McDonald’s has made a very important announcement.

And it declares, that for all the people who, the consumers eat for a whole month. From Monday to Wednesday, they will be given up to 50 percent discount on food. The Eat Out to Help Out initiative is being supported by McDonald’s.

The Wrap is working as a promotional item for McDonald’s UK and several other owners. Every day of the week, McDonald’s offers different wraps at a discounted price for all its customers who get McDonald’s deals for the whole month. Promotions are often marketed in such a way that consumers can try a new wrap at a lower price.

McDonald’s Wrap Wrap OnlyMedium MealLarge Meal
Wrap of the Day £1.99£3.89£4.49
Standard Price£3.29£4.99  £5.59

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day is available in customized crispy and grilled options. Whichever deal you like or what you want to eat, you can select accordingly. You must have seen the veggie wraps, it is specially made for vegetarians. McDonald’s caters to the convenience of all people. 

It takes the needs of vegetarians very seriously. And has a separate rap for them. Anyone can enjoy such great deals at extremely low prices 3£- 6£. Come on and check out the full weekly McDonald’s Wrap schedule, and select the deals you want.

WeekdayWrap of the Day
MondayThe Caesar & Bacon Chicken One
TuesdayThe BBQ & Bacon Chicken One
WednesdayThe Spicy Veggie One
ThursdayThe BBQ & Bacon Chicken One
FridayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One
SaturdayThe Caesar & Bacon Chicken One
SundayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Calories

In this table, all wrap of the day ( Grilled and Crispy) deals contain how many calories, are described in detail.

WeekdayWrap of the DayGrilledCrispy
MondayThe Caesar & Bacon Chicken One403532
TuesdayThe BBQ & Bacon Chicken One344493
WednesdayThe Spicy Veggie Wrap (Currently unavailable)
ThursdayThe BBQ & Bacon Chicken One344493
FridayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One320469
SaturdayThe Caesar & Bacon Chicken One403532
SundayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One320469


Breakfast Wrap is Available in restaurants from Wednesday 7th February 2024, from 5 am-11 am

The wraps that exist now. We will tell you. That which you can eat under the menu. You can enjoy the Wrap of the Day menu on our website.

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McDonald’s Wrap of the Day UK

In 2011, McDonald’s introduced a summer sustenance food deal to this wonderful source. It was introduced across the country, and through all its branches in many countries around the world. So that all people can benefit from this McDonald’s deal.

In 2023, there were several rumors that McDonald’s had plans to end Wrap of the Day. But no one should give importance to all these things. Because the Wrap of the Day deal from McDonald’s is being increased to a new stage. And everyone will benefit from this deal. So that they can also benefit from this McDonald’s deal, and can select their deal according to the menu.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Today

It always introduces a new wrap for all its customers called Wrap of the Day today. McDonald’s is introducing a new wrap every day as a promotional item. So that all customers can be continuously connected with McDonald’s.

And they will be given good food at a low cost. McDonald’s Wrap of the Day offers different deals every day for all those who buy deals at McDonald’s throughout the month.

McDonald’s app

You can download the McDonald’s app. After downloading you can use its features. You can order your deal sitting at home. Everyone can check the menu card. You could review your points. You can also get information about new offers.

McDonald’s Rewards

You can download the McDonald’s app, and get free large fries with a minimum purchase of $1 through My McDonald’s Rewards. Plus, whenever you shop through My McDonald’s Rewards, you’ll get a deal. You will also get points. Points are accumulated for more free meals.

The objective of McDonald’s Wrap of the Day

Every day of the week, McDonald’s offers different types of wraps at a discounted price. Offered as part of this wraps promotion, specific wraps vary from location to location. Different wraps are available at each location.

A new wrap is given at a lower price for promotional marketing. To entice people to try a new wrap. This is also an initiative, under the United Kingdom Govt New Project, Eat Out to Help Out campaign.

Advantages of Buying McDonald’s Wrap of the Day

Buying a deal gives you three benefits.

  • First, the deal is provided to you at a lower price.
  • Also, this deal is full of very healthy foods.
  • The deal provides you with the deals you want.

What to get and how to order it

McDonald’s offers Wrap of the Day, so you can eat a new wrap every day. If you’re looking for something new and delicious, or if you’re always up for something new, McDonald’s is a great option for a wrap. You can also order this for your college, or university party. Good news, you can also order it on your birthday. You can enjoy this wrap anytime anywhere with your friends.

The biggest advantage is that you can customize the app to your liking. If you want to eat a wrap with fewer calories and fat, that’s also edible. If you are on dietary restrictions, veggie wraps are also available for you. You can visit your nearest McDonald’s branch and eat your favorite wrap.

The ultimate wrap battle

The process of ordering wraps is very easy. You go to the nearest McDonald’s branch. Ask the representative or waiter at the cashier there, and get the wrap customized to your liking. Wraps can be customized with salads and fruit smoothies, a great healthy option.
Up wraps can also be ordered with fries and a cold drink.

It comes from a classic McDonald’s meal. Which will quench your hunger. You can also go there and ask, which McDonald’s meals are new or freshly made, or some new idea, they will tell you. You can try this wrap.

Is McDonald’s doing Wrap of the Day?

You will be very happy to know that McDonald’s has not stopped its wrap of the Day deal. This deal is still ongoing. And there is no possibility to turn it off. So don’t listen to any rumor. All McDonald’s wraps are available now.

You can visit your nearest McDonald’s restaurant and try this wrap for multiple wraps under the wrap of the day delivery. You can eat a new wrap every day as you like. This wrap is a great option for all types of people, people of all ages. You can eat this wrap on the go, on the go, anywhere.

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Monday

Day of the Deal for All was also launched by McDonald’s, like the rest of the world. After its runaway success and continued popularity, a special offer was introduced on Mondays, McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Monday, the Caesar and Bacon Chicken One. This wrap of the day is available every Monday and Saturday.

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Tuesday 

The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One is a crispy deal that is mostly liked by every person. It’s a smoky BBQ meal. That, with tomato and lettuce, in a soft toasted, tortilla wrap with bacon, and chili BBQ sauce, Eat it once, and make this meal to remember of life. Also every Tuesday and Thursday, this wrap is also available in Grilled Chicken.

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Wednesday

It offers a variety of deals to all customers throughout the week. So that they can benefit from all kinds of deals. The Spicy Sriracha Chicken at a reasonable price of 3.79 is available on Wednesday.

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Thursday

It introduces a variety of new tasty deals to all its customers. Bacon Chicken and BBQ deals every Tuesday and Thursday. So that they can enjoy all kinds of taste. 

A quality assurance program has been launched by McDonald’s, and new types of BBQ and Bacon chicken products are being launched. In order to meet the needs of all customers.

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Friday

Every Friday and Sunday The Sweet Chilli Chicken is a very special deal by McDonald’s for all its valuable customers. So that all people can benefit from it. A feedback program has also been launched by McDonald’s to ensure Taste. 

So that all the people who buy the deals can also submit their feedback. A new general policy has been formulated by McDonald’s to ensure service quality. So that facilities can be provided to all users.

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Saturday

The Wrap of The Day Mcdonals Saturday the BBQ and bacon chicken one, comes with a very interesting flavor with 332kcal in Grilled and 474kcal in Crispy.

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Sunday

On Sundays, there is a de-sweet chili chicken one deal. Which is 320 calories in grilled and 469 calories in crispy. This Deal is highly preferred. Reviews suggest that this deal is very popular among users.

Beginner Customer Guide

We strive to make our customers satisfied with us. That’s why we take feedback from customers through a receipt-based customer survey initiative with our menu. By which we measure satisfaction, is the percentage of our customers satisfied with us. We take steps to further satisfy customers within our restaurant from our experiences. 

Also, from any customer feedback provided, we gauge what new policy we should formulate. What are the steps, through which we can satisfy our customers? So we have continuously taken steps to improve Quality Assurance in our short span of time, and are making progress. Moreover, we are trying our best to satisfy our customers.

Wrap of the day delivery started again

Yes, the Wrap of the Day deals are available for McDelivery. You can order them through the McDonald’s app or website, or through a third-party delivery service such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo.

However, please note that the prices for McDelivery orders may be slightly different from the in-restaurant prices. If you are unable to get Wrap of the Day delivery, you can still order them restaurant or collect them at the drive-thru.

About McDonald’s         

Since 1974, McDonald’s has been operating its business in the United Kingdom. It currently operates more than 1300 restaurants in the UK and Ireland. His business has now spread all over the world. It has given employment to more than 130000 people and more than 85,000 youth between the ages of 16 and 25 have been provided with employment opportunities. MCD is one of the highest paid in the private sector. It is named among the largest employers in the UK and Ireland.

Terms & Conditions

The offer provided by him can be availed only on that day. The day a new deal is given, it can be used only on that day. After the date ends, that deal will no longer exist. Delivery fees apply to all individuals who purchase the deal. Every person must follow the terms and conditions. Thanks for your corporate. 

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Monday

It has been McDonald’s effort that all customers who love McDonald’s food. McDonald’s prepares their favorite dish after feedback from all of them. McDonald’s recently received reviews for its BBQ & Bacon Chicken One. 

After which McDonald’s has introduced this deal for Monday. The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One deal is available for everyone. And providing it to all its customers at a reasonable price.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Tuesday

It has always provided valuable deals to all its customers. On Tuesdays, McDonald’s offers a wrap-of-the-day deal with BBQ and Bacon Chicken One Deal.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Wednesday

It has a very important offer for its customers on Wednesday. McDonald’s Wrap of the Day has introduced a delicious Sriracha Chicken deal on Wednesday for its customers. 

The price of which is 3.79£ only. You can also enjoy this deal very much, with your friends and family. You might find it to be beneficial.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Thursday

It offers the same deal on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The well-known BBQ and Bacon Chicken One is available every Tuesday and Wednesday, two days a week known as a friendly deal name.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Friday

Sweet Chili Chicken is served on Fridays as part of McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Friday deal. Within which 340 Kcal are found. Fresh ingredients were used to make this offer. Which can make a human body healthy and satisfied.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Saturday

McDonald’s has all its customers, get deals from McDonald’s all month long. Made a very important offer for them. Since then The Garlic Mayo Chicken One has become very popular. 

This offer was really well-liked. After which its consumption increased greatly. This deal is temporarily unavailable. You can get up the BBQ and bacon chicken one instead.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Sunday

The deal that doesn’t exist all week, is present on Sunday. Hurry up and get this deal and enjoy your day. Chili Chicken One Deal provides an excellent test at a very reasonable price. Which is highly liked by all the customers. 

Anyone who ate this deal once came back again and again. This deal was highly appreciated by all the customers. Groups of friends and groups of family have loved this deal.


McDonald’s often introduces promotional offers and discounts for its beloved customers. There can be discounted prices or meal bundles that include a wrap, fries, and a drink. To keep things interesting for its customers, McDonald’s frequently introduces limited-time promotions.

Stay up-to-date on McDonald’s social media channels, website, and mobile app to benefit from these special offers. So, you can save some money and even get additional items included in the combo meal.

Contact Details

Here are some ways to contact McDonald’s UK for more information:

  • Customer service line: 0370 524 4624 (available 24/7)
  • Contact form: UK Head Office, McDonald’s, 11-59 High Road, East Finchley London, N2 8AW.

McDonald’s Customer Services

Mcdonald’s Social Media Handles In UK


The wrap-of-the-day deal was started by McDonald’s. So that all the people who are regular customers of McDonald’s can be provided facilities and can also attract new customers. McDonald’s has launched deals for the convenience of all across the UK. Different deals are provided each day. 

So that all people can use their favorite deals. Along with this, the calories were also described. How many calories are in each wrap? Each deal is divided into three parts. You can only get a wrap of your choice. You can also select medium deals through medium meal prices. Large deals can also be selected.

It is left up to you. That you select the deal of your choice. You are provided with deals at a very low price. A feedback system has been introduced to provide a quality deal and through quality assurance, the best deal has been provided to all customers.


What Is McDonald’s Wrap of the Day?

A Caesar and Bacon Chicken Wrap is available on Monday and Saturday. Under the Wrap Of the Day today. Wrap of The day Thursday BBQ and Bacon Chicken are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Caesar & Chicken One deal is available on Saturday and the Sweet Chilli Chicken One deal is on Sunday.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Price?

Every day there is a new wrap. Food gets a new flavor. New flavor and bigger taste come. Our Crispy Wraps are back. You can also benefit from our vegan-friendly food options. You can eat a deal for only 1.99£.

Is McDonald’s wrap of the day cheaper?

McDonald’s wraps typically range from 3.49£ to 4.99£. But the price of the deals has been reduced under the Daily Wrap of Day Offer. So that all people can buy the deal. According to the budget-friendly deal, its price has been kept at 1.99£.

How much is a wrap of a day meal?

Under the wrap of the day deal, wrap only is available at Rs 1.99£ and large mail at Rs 4.49£. In the standard price, the wrap costs 3.29£ and the large meal costs up to 5.59£.

Is it good to eat wraps every day?

It is ensured that the wraps are prepared from food based on health principles. The contents inside the wraps determine whether the wrap is healthy or not. It contains all the ingredients inside. It is ensured that all the contents inside the wrap conform to the criteria specified by WHO. So that the health of all people can be taken care of.

Which McDonald’s wrap is the best?

Which Wrap is best depends on each person’s favorite flavor and which taste they like. What kind of deal does he like to eat? Likes grilled or spicy food. However, the Zesty Lime McWrap is much loved. Made with shredded lettuce, crunchy tortilla strips, tomatoes, and a tomato, cucumber, and lime red pepper sauce.

How much is McDonald’s Wrap of the Day UK?

Now you can eat your favorite flavor at a very low price. Crispy Wraps are all back. You can also get your hands on your favorite deal for just 1.99£. A new addition to this is the introduction of vegan-friendly new deals. So that all kinds of deals can be provided to all people.

Is the wrap of the day not on delivery?

The wrap-off day has been suspended by McDonald’s temporarily, but you can still get a deal by going to one. Delivery should also be restored soon You will be informed about the delivery on this website as soon as the delivery is restored.

How to redeem Mcdonald’s Rewards?

If you want to enjoy using your points. 

  1. So first collect the points through your mobile.
  2. Open the app and select your reward. 
  3. Check out what kind of rewards and offers you can redeem.
  4. Use your code to redeem.
  5.  Add to Mobile Order Select your favorite restaurant.

Choose your free reward in one of two ways. Complete your order. And enjoy to the fullest.

Wrap of the day meal price?

Wrap-of-the-day Meal Price is described, only wrap price is 1.99£. If you want to take up a medium meal, it costs 4.9£. And if you want to get a large meal, it costs 4.89£. You can select your desired meal.